The Mountain Men (1980)

May 01, 1980 102 min Watch Trailer

overview : The story concerns two grizzled mountain men -- Bill Tyler and Henry Frapp -- during the dying days of the fur-trapping era. The plot begins when Running Moon runs away from her abusive husband Heavy Eagle and comes across the two seedy fur trappers. The mountain men take her in, unaware that Heavy Eagle has dispatched an army of Indian braves to reclaim her.
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Charlton HestonBill Tyler
Brian KeithHenry Frapp
Victoria RacimoRunning Moon
Stephen MachtHeavy Eagle
Seymour CasselLa Bont
David AckroydMedicine Wolf
Cal BelliniCross Otter
John GloverNathan Wyeth
William LuckingJim Walter
Ken RutaFontenelle
Victor JoryIron Belly
Danny ZapienBlackfoot Chief
Tim HaldemanWhiskey Clerk

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